Known Problems

The following is a list of some known problems with our software; we are working to correct them for the next release.

  • Error message:

    Build Tree 2 Error: 35603
    Error Desc: Invalid Key

    This error message appears after you have just added an item to the database.  This is occurs when the first field (location/type field) contains only a number or symbol.  This first field must always have a letter somewhere in the field. Good Examples... A1234567, 1999C24.

    If you encounter this problem,
    please contact Tech Support at: Contact Us

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  • Problems printing reports:

    Can't find ??? (report name)

    This error message will occur if you have installed a version 2.2 (or earlier version) of SAFE Home Inventory software on a new computer with the Windows XP (Home or Professional) operating system. This error does not normally appear if the computer has been upgraded to XP from an earlier version of Windows or you have a different version of XP.
    The solution is to install a 2.3 version (or higher) of SAFE Home Inventory Manager software designed specifically for the Windows XP operating system.

    You can receive a FREE upgrade at the following link: Upgrade Now ($6.99 shipping and handling charges).

    Once the upgrade is installed, you will have to reregister your upgraded software.

    If you encounter this problem and need help, please contact Tech Support at: Contact Us

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  • Version 2.4 on Windows Vista OS:

    Does your software run on the Vista OS?

    If you are trying to install the software on an XP Windows OS upgraded computer there appears to be no problem if the computer has only been upgraded. If the XP Windows OS has been removed and then Windows Vista OS installed on the same computer, the software will not run.

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  • Version 2.4 on Windows 7 OS:

    Does your software run on Windows 7 OS?

    Our current versions will not run on Windows 7 OS as shipped, but will run on Windows 7 OS with the Windows XP emulator installed.

    A totally redesigned version of our software will soon be available for Windows 7 OS and beyond!!!!

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You may also obtain technical support by e-mail by submitting a web form to Tech Support at: Contact Us. We suggest that you look at the "Known Problems" and other sections of this support site first. They may provide all of the answers to your questions. Be aware that responses to this free e-mail tech support could take several days, but, we will make every attempt to give you a quick response.

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