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Welcome to Red Queen Software's technical support. The purpose of this web page is to enhance the support services we provide to our customers. We've provided a number of resource links on the right side of this page to help you resolve problems, report bugs, and suggest improvements to our products.

You may also obtain technical support by e-mail by submitting a web form to Tech Support at: Contact Us. We suggest that you look at the FAQ's and other sections of this support site first. They may provide all of the answers to your questions. Be aware that responses to this free e-mail tech support could take several days, but, we will make every attempt to give you a quick response.

This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

Note: In these answers we will follow a few shorthand conventions for describing user-interface procedures. Key combinations will be presented like this: Ctrl+Alt+Delete, which means that you should press and hold down the Control key, the Alt key, and the Delete key at the same time. Menu selections will be presented like this: File->Open, which means that you should open the File menu, and then make the Open selection.

Q: How do I create a backup of my SAFE Home Inventory data?

A: Your data is stored in a database file called SAFE.mdb. If you selected the default directory during installation this file resides on your hard drive in the folder C:\Program Files\Red Queen Software\SAFE Home Inventory. By making a copy of the file SAFE.mdb, you can backup all of your data. In order to backup your images also, you must make a copy of all of the files found in the folder C:\Program Files\Red Queen Software\SAFE Home Inventory\Pictures.

Please Note:
When you copy a file onto a CD-R, CD-RW or DVD the recording software for your burner will automatically change the file to "Read-only" -- since files can only be read from CDs and DVDs. When you copy the backup file from the CD-R, CD-RW or DVD back onto your computer's hard drive you have to manually change the file property (right mouse click on the file, select "properties") before you can use it. To do this, you must uncheck the "Read-only", "Archive", and "Hidden" boxes if they are checked in order to be able to use the file again in the SAFE Home Inventory Manager software. This is only true for the database file (SAFE.mdb) and not true for the rest of the files (like the image files), since they are only read and not written to.

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Q: Where can I find my software's license file?

A: Software's license file is automatically copied into the following directory \windows\vbox\licenses. The file has an .LIC extension and starts with SAFE. It is important that you make a backup copy of this file incase you need to re-install your copy of your software. This license is valid only for the computer that you licensed the software on originally. You can not transfer this license to another computer.

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Q: Why doesn't the location (title) change in the tree-view after I have modified it?

A: In order to save time we chose not to refresh the tree-view each time a location (title) was modified. Any changes that you have made have been recorded and the tree-view will reflect these changes when you either add a new item or reopen the window.

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Q: What is the best way to add a lot of items?

A: We have found that the easiest way to add a lot of items is to first take all of the pictures. Then create (add) all of the items -- don't worry about adding all of the details. Now, attach each picture to each of the new items. Then go back and modify all of the records at once.

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Q: When is the best time to make backups?

A: Anytime after you have entered new or modified information in your database is always a good time to make a new backup. If you are just looking or printing reports you don't need to make another backup.

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