Using SAFE Home Inventory Manager for Moving or Storage of your Belongings

It only make sense that SAFE Home Inventory Manager software is the safest way to keep track of your belonging when you move. With the complete Household Goods Descriptive Inventory documentation and easy-of-use SAFE Home Inventory Manager software offers, SAFE Home Inventory Manager software could make your next move almost enjoyable! Well, maybe not enjoyable, but at least easier and less worrisome.

Making it a SAFE move with a Household Goods Descriptive Inventory

SAFE Home Inventory Manager software helps to make any move a safe move. By previously cataloging all of your belongings for insurance purposes you will already have the majority of them entered into SAFE Home Inventory Manager software. So when it comes time to move it is just a matter of changing a single field for each item from where they are now (living room, master bedroom, etc.), to which crate or box they are being shipped in. It's really that simple! Now you can print out a Household Goods Descriptive Inventory report identifying exactly where each item has been packed for the move and the replacement value of each container. When you get to the other end, you just reverse the process by changing the same one field to identify the new location. As you can see, the record keeping required to have a safe move becomes elementary! If you ever have to move again, it becomes even simpler the next time because the majority of the work has already been done.

Chances are that you will be putting most of the items in the same room they came from when you get to your new location. So, print out a list by location before you start the move and have it handy when you get to the new location. That way the movers can check the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory and see where the items go at the new location by checking where they were at your old location. You can even mark-up the list if you want them to go somewhere else and use the same marked-up report to make the adjustment to SAFE Home Inventory Manager software when you are finished.

Protecting your stored items with SAFE Home Inventory Software

Putting your belongings into storage can be really scary without SAFE Home Inventory Manager software. Months later will you remember just what you had and how much it was worth if it is lost? Could you remember what items were put in what container? If you had to prove ownership and replacement costs could you? With SAFE Home Inventory Software you could do all of that and more. You will also know what your belongings are worth before they are stored and you will know if you need to purchase separate insurance to cover their loss. SAFE Home Inventory Manager software gives you all of the protection that you need when storing your belongings. Feel secure when you have stored it in SAFE Home Inventory Manager software, too!

SAFE Home Inventory Manager software is perfect for military personnel

The military requires all personnel who are moving or storing personal effects to document all items, their value, the container that they are placed in and to have adequate proof (receipts) of their value should the containers be lost, damaged or misplaced. In other words, provide the type of documentation that SAFE Home Inventory Manager software provides everyone who uses it. If SAFE Home Inventory Software had been written specifically for the military, it would look just like it looks now. Using SAFE Home Inventory Manager software saves military personnel (and the military) both time and money!

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