Using SAFE Home Inventory Manager for Insurance Reporting

SAFE Home Inventory Manager software is perfect for creating the documentation needed for insurance company riders. A rider is an addition to an existing insurance policy. Riders are usually required by all insurance companies for items like antiques, artwork, jewelry and collectibles. You may have these types of items as part of your estate without even knowing it. A collectible or collection might be something as simple as your collection of jazz artists that you have on CDs. A set of old comic books that you have had since you were a child. An extensive library of DVDs. What ever it is, most homeowners insurance policies limit coverage on these items without a rider. It's tragic to find out that you are only receiving a $500 claim payment for items that are worth thousands of dollars, just because they have been classified a collectible, an antique, or a piece of artwork!

Using SAFE Home Inventory Manager
-- Before a loss

The old saying: "It doesn't do much good to close the gate after the horses have run away" is quite true. So, by using SAFE Home Inventory Software now you apply the other famous adage "that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". With just a little preventive work on your part, and the SAFE Home Inventory Manager software, you can be ready to deal with any loss. Even though SAFE Home Inventory Manager software doesn't guarantee that you will get your belonging back if they are lost or stolen, you have a better chance of recovery than without SAFE Home Inventory Manager software!

There is no better time to have used the SAFE Home Inventory Manager software than before a loss occurs. By documenting your belongings with SAFE Home Inventory Software you are now ready to to supply your insurance company with all of the documentation if ever needed. Without this type of documentation, your insurance company will be apprehensive in closing your claim to quickly. Not because they aren't willing to pay you for what you have insured, it is just that most claims that are closed early have to be reopened when the claimant remembers what else they have lost. The accurate records that SAFE Home Inventory Manager software creates for you are perfect for insurance company reporting and helping you to expedite your claim.

Using SAFE Home Inventory Manager
-- After a loss

If you have used the SAFE Home Inventory Manager software you are in good shape. All you have to do is print out one of the many reports the program creates for you and turn them into your insurance company. Your claim should be processed faster and your insurance company will have more confidence because of your organization. If it is a theft or loss you are dealing with, don't forget to make an extra copy of the single item report for each item that is missing for the police. They will be thrilled by this report because it makes their life so much easier and reduces the time they spend on writing and filing their own reports!

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