Using SAFE Home Inventory Manager for Estate Planning and Writing a Will

There has never been an easier way to help organize an estate than with SAFE Home Inventory Manager software. When properly used, estate planners can save their clients both time and money by having them become a part of the process. SAFE Home Inventory Software is simple to use. Its uncomplicated format helps users to quickly structure and organize what they have in their estates. When the documents are completed, they can be effortlessly added as a codicil to the official Will.

Organizing your Estate with SAFE Home Inventory Manager software

SAFE Home Inventory Manager software helps you to overcome the hardest part of organizing your estate -- creating structure and form. SAFE Home Inventory Manager software helps clarify the process. Because it makes the process simple, you're more likely to complete the job in a timely manner, all while saving yourself time. Once you start using the SAFE Home Inventory Manager software program you will realize just how simple it really is. After you have completed organizing your estate, you will be able to make changes and additions in minutes. When it is done, you wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

Saying it in your "own words"

With SAFE Home Inventory Manager software, you can give an explanation in your "own words" why you have left a particular item to a specific person. This feature is extremely beneficial when items have sentimental value or a history that needs to be passed on to future generations. By electronically annotating each item you can tell the story in our own words. Items that have no sentimental or historical value don't need to be annotated. It's your choice.

You decide just "Who" gets "What"

With a click of a button, you are in control of just "Who" gets "What". That's not only important to you, the giver, but is equally important to the receivers. Not knowing exactly what your wishes are only makes for bad feelings later. Often things are promised to family members when they were young and years later, because it wasn't written down, those memories create unnecessary strife between family members. What better legacy to leave your loved-ones than to have your affairs and wishes well organized and documented?

Determining a "Fair Share"

SAFE Home Inventory Manager software is wonderful for items of value because SAFE Home Inventory Manager software automatically calculates everyone's share in a clearly understandable pie chart and percentage. You can see everyone on your list and a breakdown of their percentage of the estate's value. What a wonderful feature to help you determine "fair share". You family will appreciate it later as much as you do now.

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