Using SAFE Home Inventory Manager for Cataloging your Collection

There is no easier way to catalog your collectibles, antiques, artwork, or jewelry than with SAFE Home Inventory Manager software.

SAFE Home Inventory Manager software was designed with the help of the insurance industry so that it would meet insurance reporting requirements. When it comes to cataloging and filing insurance riders SAFE Home Inventory Manager software provides all of the documentation needed. Including a report of all of the appraisals - the appraisal date, the new value, and who appraised it.

And SAFE Home Inventory Manager software can handle multiple collections, too! With SAFE Home Inventory Manager software you can create as many categories as you want, add an unlimited number of items, and attach a picture of every item. SAFE Home Inventory Manager software is designed to grow with your collection... because as a collector, I'm sure that you aren't just interested in collecting just one thing!


A collectible can be almost anything from canceled stamps of the world, to Ladro figurines. But, no matter what you collect, it's worth something to you, even if no one else would pay you a dime for it. That is why collectors find SAFE Home Inventory Manager software worth using. It is much easier to show a catalog of your collection to your fellow collectors, family and friends than to get out each item! And, SAFE Home Inventory Software helps to keep you organized, too! Have you ever wondered if you had that particular item already in your collection? If you used SAFE Home Inventory Manager software you would know. SAFE Home Inventory Software prints a condensed report that lists everything in your collection. It is called a pocket report and as the name implies, you keep it in your pocket when ever you are out collecting. With SAFE Home Inventory Manager software you will always know what you have even as your collection grows and grows and grows!


Keeping track of your antiques in SAFE Home Inventory Manager software is not only simple, but it can be fun! With your antiques entered into SAFE Home Inventory Manager software, you can now print a beautiful color catalog that you can share with other antique collectors, family and friends. It is much easier to carry a catalog around than all of your antiques!


Some buy art for its beauty, others buy art as an investment. No matter what your reason, if you are an avid art collector it doesn't take long and you will soon have a substantial collection. SAFE Home Inventory Manager software helps you to protect your investment by providing the type of documentation that all art collectors need.


Most folks keep accurate records of their jewelry for insurance purposes only. Jewelry can represents a substantial investment and it is only natural to want to safeguard it. It's comes as no surprise that jewelry is the number one item that is most appraised in collections. Did you ever think that there might be more to your jewelry than just its value? More than what the appraiser can tell you about its worth or put in his appraisal? Nearly all pieces of jewelry have a history or story that needs to be recorded as well. Maybe something like: "He gave me this ring on our tenth wedding anniversary (when we didn't have two nickels to rub together)", or, "This was a present from my mother when our first child was born and I intend to give it to her when she becomes a mom." SAFE Home Inventory Manager software will help you to record your jewelry's value and your most precious memories, too!

Use SAFE to protect your financial investment, but also use SAFE Home Inventory Manager software to protect those things that money can't buy.

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SAFE Software is Availble for Purchase at a Military Discount at the DOD EMALL SAFE Home Inventory was certified 'KODAK Picture Friendly' in 2002 by KODAK




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