Using SAFE Home Inventory Manager
Product Overview

Red Queen Software publishes SAFE Home Inventory Manager software -- a Microsoft Windows based software product.

SAFE Home Inventory Manager software is a consumer software product that everyone can use. SAFE Home Inventory Manager software is simple-to-use and can be quickly mastered by even the most novice computer users. All of the advance technology features found in SAFE Home Inventory Manager software were designed to work behind the scenes making SAFE Home Inventory Manager software as user-friendly as possible. SAFE Home Inventory Manager software's simplistic design was intentional. We realized that not everyone wants to dedicate their lives to technology.

SAFE Home Inventory Manager software was originally created to be a simple solution to meet insurance reporting needs for items like antiques, artwork, collectibles and jewelry. It has since evolved into a tool that is used to document all types of personal and business items, for estate planning, for documenting family heirlooms, and to provide assurance when moving or placing items into storage. SAFE Home Inventory Manager software has many uses (some still undiscovered). But basically, you use SAFE Home Inventory Manager software to:

  • create an electronic color catalog of your estate and all of your belongings.
  • provided easy access to important information like serial and model numbers, date and place purchased, price paid, transaction numbers, etc...
  • effortlessly produce numerous types of written reports for documentation purposes.
  • store and print a color picture of each of the items you treasure.

How do I use SAFE Home Inventory Manager software?

Use SAFE Home Inventory Manager software to keep track of your belongings, valuables, collections, documents, and other important items in your life.

Each item that you value, no matter what it is worth, should be entered and stored in the SAFE Home Inventory Manager software. Every item should have an identifying picture attached to the record along with the details. Don't be concerned if you can't supply all of the details or fill in all of the fields initially. The most important thing is to get the items recorded into SAFE Home Inventory Manager software in the first place. With SAFE Home Inventory Manager software you can always go back and easily make any modifications later.

There are two separate databases in the SAFE Home Inventory Manager software program. One is for household type items. You would use this database for appliances, furniture, electronic equipment, cameras, tools, etc. The other is for items like collectibles, antiques, artwork and jewelry. You would use this database for items that may appreciate in value, because, this database allows for the addition of appraisals, valuations, or adjustment in value and graphs any changes over time. Both databases automatically create graphs of your "net worth" and "bequeathed to" items.

Even though the different databases will produce different types of reports, both produce complete reports that include all of the details entered.

With all of your items entered, go back and select the "bequeath to" button. Click it, and choose to whom you wish to leave the item in case of your untimely demise. You can even annotate each item individually and express in your own heart felt words just why you are leaving this item to them. What better way to show the ones that you care about how much they mean to you?

Product Features

  • Quickly and effortlessly add items to your own electronic catalog.
  • Easily attach a picture to each record and store it for proof of ownership.
  • Move, group and regroup items at any time by category or location.
  • Record actual purchase prices and update current values.
  • Use the built-in internet browser to cut-and-paste product information from websites.
  • Print reports in a variety of formats for reporting purposes.
  • Getting Started Guide

Advanced Technology

SAFE Home Inventory Manager software has all of the technology that you would expect to find in only a very expensive software program. SAFE Home Inventory Manager software uses an SQL database, it employs Microsoft ADO and DCOM technologies and Seagate Crystal Reports as its report generator. SAFE Home Inventory Manager software has its own built-in internet browser so that you can cut-and-paste information from product websites directly into your records, saving you time and typing. This built-in internet browser automatically launches your ISP dial-up feature when activated.

When you install SAFE Home Inventory Manager software, you are adding Microsoft's MDAC component that automatically updates older version of Windows to utilize the latest technology.

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SAFE Software is Availble for Purchase at a Military Discount at the DOD EMALL SAFE Home Inventory was certified 'KODAK Picture Friendly' in 2002 by KODAK




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