You need a home inventory...
but most people don't realize it...
until it is too late.

There are three compelling reasons for you to take the time necessary to keep an accurate home inventory.

You will need a home inventory if your belongings are ever lost or stolen.

If your belongings are lost or stolen you will need a home inventory to accurately file police reports, make insurance claims and sometimes you will need a home inventory as a way to provide proof-of-ownership in a dispute. Without some sort of documentation as to what was lost or stolen the police or your insurance company won't be able to help you. It takes more than just a simple description like "color TV" for them to help. You will need to provide details like: make, model number, serial numbers, proof of purchase, date purchased, etc., etc. Without that detailed information they really can't help you. To them, your lost or stolen item ends up being just another article in the group of lost items.

In the end, you will have to create a home inventory from memory
 -- at a time when it isn't very convenient.

You will need a home inventory to make an insurance claim.

Whether your insurance claim is from a loss due to theft, fire, weather or other disaster your insurance company is counting on you not to let them down. They are gambling that you won't be prepared and, in essence, have wagered that you have not been so far thinking and organized that you have documented all of your belongings prior to your loss. This one simple fact is why insurance companies don't always have to pay the full value of the insurance claim on the policy that was written -- simply, because the insured cannot remember all of their belongings or produce ample proof-of-ownership or proof-of-value of what they did have insured.

Again, you will have to create a home inventory from memory
-- at a time when it maybe difficult to remember everything.

You will need a home inventory to settle your Estate.

No one likes to think about death or dying, but the ones that are left behind don't want to have to think about preparing your Estate while they are grieving, either. Most jurisdictions now require that a catalog of the Estate be made before the Estate can go through probate. A catalog of your Estate is an inventory and reconciliation of all of your assets including a home inventory of your belongings. The Estate controlling jurisdictions have made provisions that the executor of your Estate must make sure that the Estate catalog (inventory) is accurate and if not, the provisions says that the Estate will pay the executor to create an accurate inventory. What that means is that the beneficiaries of your Estate will receive less from your cash assets and be delayed getting their inheritance longer than if there was an accurate inventory in place at the time of your death.

So again, someone will have to create a home inventory to settle your Estate -- at a time when they should be grieving your loss.

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