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In a transaction based economy, information is everything. Make use of it!

Marketing and sales information about clients, prospective clients, competitors, your products, their products, relationships, financing - it's all available, and could be used to build your business. It's difficult to compete effectively without the proper tools to manage that information. Yet frequently, businesses are unable to harness that information because they don't have the technical expertise to systematically collect it, and selectively analyze the useful parts*.

Our professional database designers can help you define and organize your business rules to provide a sound foundation for your database development project. Our database design consultants can construct a detailed database model to insure that your database design is compliant with current database normalization standards, thereby increasing overall database performance and reliability. We can also improve many existing database designs through the use of server side stored procedures and triggers, and we also provide custom database software development services.

Database development & design includes:

Requirements analysis: A document that defines the actual requirements of the software including business rules, user interfaces, navigation, reporting, and software integration definitions.

Process flow: We prefer to document process flow. The resulting design document shows each software requirement and its relationship to other components of the custom database application.

Database definition: Before database development or database programming can start, it is important to have an accurate database design and a document listing actual data requirements, database table contents, index structures, and table relationships. A normalized database is essential for a high reliability, high performance, and database application development. The database design may also include stored procedure, database triggers, and referential integrity specifications. This document is especially important for custom database software development projects.

User interface: A definition of the user interface requirements containing screen layouts, data elements, sequence of entry, and error reporting requirements. In a custom database software design the interface may also specify fonts, colors, and screen organization to create a seamless appearance when joined with other web pages or business software applications.

Reporting requirements: The database design should also include details of reports and queries required by the software application. In addition to actual report content, it should also contain special requirements such as print preview and any specialized output such as PDF, HTML, etc. Internet software applications should also contain special requirements for document delivery and internet security.

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"Red Queen Software designed for us a website database system to automate the process of issuing parking passes and allow our security company to access and verify parking violators from
a mobile device!"

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Designing a workable database is not child's play. Here at Red Queen Software our qualified SQL database designers have been designing databases long before Red Queen Software ever existed. This knowledge and experience helps us to help our clients achieve their goals while keeping their database design costs within reason.

Please contact us to schedule a database requirement analysis.

* Like the Red Queen said to Alice, `Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!'
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