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Red Queen Software
Joins Forces with VeriPic®

May 1, 2003 -- Portland, OR -- Red Queen Software, Inc.'s CEO and founder Jeffrey Garchow said that he is excited about the SAFE / VeriPic agreement reached between the two companies. "This is really exciting!" exclaimed Garchow. VeriPic has created a patent pending process to validate digital and photographic images. With the VeriPic process, images can be easily authenticated and quickly determine if the image has been altered or changed in any way. "The need for this type of image authentication process is growing at a log rhythmic rate" says Garchow, "now that the validity of every image viewed is in question".

From immigration and passport photos, to crime scene and insurance documentation, the two new questions on everyone's minds today are: Is this photo genuine? Or has it been altered or doctored in a digital software program? And just because it is on film doesn't guarantee its authenticity either. There are now numerous ways to alter an image and then create a film negative of it where the alterations can not be detected.

"I believe this is the most exciting thing to happen to photography since the introduction of the digital camera" said Garchow. Even though not everyone that takes a photograph is interested in authenticating their images, for those who rely upon their photographs for any sort of documentation purpose, VeriPic is a must. There are professionals out there that depend on the images they take to do their job. Imagine going into a court trial and having someone prove that the pictures entered into evidence are bogus? How many millions of tax payer dollars would be lost? How many criminals would be set free to walk our streets? And that is just the tip of the iceberg. How much extra are we all paying for phony insurance claims? Cars that are authorized by the insurance companies for repair by the submission of falsified photos? As you can see the examples go on and on. These are just some of the reason that the VeriPic process is so important in today's digital world.


About VeriPic®

VeriPic is the technological leader of digital image management and authentication software and services for the law enforcement markets.  VeriPic is also used for medical, insurance, construction, legal, real estate, professional photography, passport, and consumer applications. Customers include public safety organizations nationwide such as such as fire, police and sheriff agencies. VeriPic is engineered and manufactured by Kwan Software Engineering who has offered the VeriPic software product since 1998.

VeriPic® and the VeriPic® logo are registered trademarks of
Kwan Software Engineering.

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