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SAFE Plus software chosen by
CNN and ComputerWorld Magazine
for "Cool Stuff 2002" list

December 2, 2002 -- Portland, OR -- Red Queen Software, Inc. announced that CNN (Cable Network News) and ComputerWorld Magazine have chosen Red Queen Software's new product SAFE Plus 32MB ThumbDrive Secure for their "Cool Stuff 2002" list. SAFE Plus is the next generation of the original software product SAFE (Secure Assets For Everyone).

What makes SAFE Plus unique is that Red Queen Software is the first software company to consolidate their entire software program into a removable hard drive. This allows quick and easy transfer of sensitive information from one registered computer to another without the need for any special drivers, cables, or equipment.

"It only seemed natural to be able to easily take your most sensitive information out of your computer when you were done working with it." Said Jeffrey Garchow, CEO and Founder of Red Queen Software, Inc. "Our solution seems the only absolutely safe way to keep your information safe from unauthorized access or prying eyes."

The SAFE Plus package includes SAFE software version 2.2 with a 32MB, USB, removable digital hard drive called ThumbDrive Secure. The ThumbDrive Secure provides password security that is contained within the ThumbDrive Secure itself. There is no easy way to break a fifteen characters password and when the ThumbDrive is removed there is no opportunity for access to the data.

"SAFE is designed for a mature audience." Garchow said. "Because this mature group of users is typically made up of novice computer users, SAFE was designed to be extremely user friendly." SAFE Plus is a simple way to assure that the documents, photos, and other important information kept in SAFE is safely stored on the ThumbDrive. With SAFE Plus, anyone can easily document everything they own and know that the information is now safe and secure.

SAFE has been certified KODAK Picture Friendly and has the right to bear the KODAK Picture Friendly logo on its packaging, in its advertising, on its web site and in the software itself. The KODAK Picture Friendly logo means this software works well with KODAK Picture CD and KODAK Digital Cameras, and is in compliance with applicable 2002 requirements. Red Queen Software, Inc., is proud to be affiliated with the Eastman Kodak Company and its family of products.

SAFE Plus is available online, in computer stores and through Red Queen Software and TrekstorUSA's current distribution channels.


Red Queen Software, Inc. is the publisher of SAFE (Secure Assets For Everyone). An easy-to-use software program that is designed to help you document and catalog the things you own.

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