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SAFE eKey Machine(tm) Provides Strong Security Without the Complications Previously Associated with Encryption

Affordable, simple-to-use software provides convenient, portable security for Internet logins, passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information

November 1, 2002 -- Portland, OR - A new software product designed by Red Queen Software, Inc. provides the strong security that sophisticated data encryption systems deliver -- in a form that is easy-to-use and highly portable, so that users no longer need to install expensive and complex software to protect and decipher their sensitive data. This affordable new software product creates an encrypted "eKey" that can be stored and read directly from most types of removable drives and media, including new USB digital hard drives, drives used in MP3 players and eFilm drives used in digital cameras. User can easily access their eKey-encrypted data on any Microsoft Windows-based computer without needing to install the SAFE eKey Machine(tm) software. This is unique, since most encrypted data requires complicated software programs to decipher the data. A proprietary algorithm developed by Red Queen Software provides this remarkable security without the complications previously associated with data encryption.

Like something you would find in "Q's" laboratory in a James Bond movie, the SAFE eKey Machine(tm) software and SAFE eKey(tm) deliver the latest in high-tech software security. "Imagine being able to carry all of your important information with you all of the time on a drive the size of a postage stamp or pack of gum. You could keep it in your wallet, hang it on your key chain or even hide it inside your camera or MP3 player," said Jeffrey Garchow, founder of Red Queen Software. "All of your important information -- login names and passwords, bank account information, credit card numbers and expiration dates -- can be safely stored in encrypted form on a removable drive that you can access on any Windows computer anywhere, at anytime. But it is so safe that if it was ever lost or stolen, it would be useless to anyone but you."

The SAFE eKey is the future for this purpose, not Internet-based storage. "No one in their right mind would ever want to put their crucial or personal information on the Internet and out of their control," Garchow said emphatically. "Following the dot com collapse, we saw solid confidentiality agreements violated when new owners realized they had a wealth of information of commercial value. Since the confidentially agreements were with companies that no longer exist, you have no legal recourse if they do sell your information."

Experts agree. Security experts suggest that when using the Internet, that a different login name and password should be created for each account, and that passwords used to log on to the Internet and access confidential information such as bank details should be altered at least once a month. To provide adequate security, passwords should be at least eight characters long, comprised of random numbers, letters and symbols that make no sense.

But what the experts couldn't tell you was how to easily remember all of the gibberish that you had created and how to keep it safe. So, often users take the easy route and just use one or two easily-remembered passwords for everything they do, and that can be disastrous. With SAFE eKey technology, users can create, protect and retrieve complex passwords and other sensitive data easily and conveniently -- so that their information assets remain secure.


Red Queen Software, Inc. is a privately-held firm founded in 2000. Its other products include Secure Assets for Everyone (SAFE(tm)) and SAFE Plus(tm) home inventory software, which was chosen by CNN and ComputerWorld Magazine for their highly coveted "Cool Stuff 2002" list.

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