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Red Queen agrees with Alice...
...smaller is better.

September 10, 2001 -- Portland, OR – Red Queen Software, Inc. announced that an agreement has been reached to partner with TrekstorUSA, Inc. (Trek Technology PTE LTD, Singapore) in developing a new product that combines Red Queen’s consumer software product SAFE™ and Trek Technology’s ThumbDrive® hardware technology. (

"The partnership seemed like a natural." Said Jeffrey Garchow, CEO of Red Queen Software, Inc. "We have a software product that people use to document everything they own and they have a hardware product that allows you to store confidential information on a secure removable hard drive the size of your thumb."

According to the agreement, Red Queen will adapt its current version of SAFE software to create a seamless application that will leverage the best of both technologies. Red Queen doesn’t believe that this will affect their recent Kodak Picture Friendly 2002 certification in any way since the CD version will still be available, but it may delay release of the combined product until they have had Kodak’s engineers re-certify the new software/hardware version.

The marriage of these two products will further benefit the consumer market that SAFE is targeting. "SAFE is designed for a mature audience that includes the ‘baby-boomer’ generation." Garchow said. "Because this mature group of users is typically made up of novice computer users, SAFE was designed to be extremely user friendly." With SAFE, anyone can easily document everything they own and know that the information is safe and secure.

Here is how it works:

  1. Insert the ThumbDrive in to a USB port and "Click" on the SAFE icon.
  2. Add, remove, or make changes to the items in the SAFE database.
  3. Remove the ThumbDrive from the USB port and store in a secure location.

It’s that simple – with no additional files to copy. A simple way to assure that the documents, photos, and other important information kept in SAFE is safely stored on the ThumbDrive and removed from the computer... and from unauthorized view.

This new product is slated to be released Fall of 2001. At that time it will be made available to the public packaged in an easy-to-use bundle designed specifically for the novice computer user. It will be available online, in computer stores and through Red Queen’s and Trek Technology’s current distribution channels.


Red Queen Software, Inc. is the publisher of SAFE (Secure Assets For Everyone). An easy-to-use software program that is designed to help you document and catalog the things you own.

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