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Red Queen goes global with Element 5

September 7, 2001 -- Portland, OR – Red Queen Software, Inc. announced today that they have signed a contract with Element 5 Inc., (Element 5 AG, Koln, Germany) to provide EDS (Electronic Software Delivery) of their software products on a world-wide basis via the Internet. This agreement gives Element 5 nonexclusive rights to deliver Red Queen’s software electronically and to represent Red Queen Software’s interest in the eCommerce distribution channel.

"Element 5 offers us (Red Queen Software, Inc.) the type of professional distribution capabilities that we need to make our products available to our extensive market". Said Jeffrey Garchow, CEO. "Since our product can be used by almost anyone, we needed more influence in the world market place and with Element 5 we now have it."

Element 5 will distribute Red Queen’s software through their established partner eStore channels in other countries and through their own eStore here in the United States. "Not only will we be immediately represented by established eStores world-wide, but it will allow us to create and open other eDistribution channels not traditionally used by software companies." Said Garchow. He says that opening new channels is important for Red Queen’s development, since conventional software distribution is heavily influenced and controlled by only a handful of distributors.

Element 5 offers the end user a complete package during the delivery process. Because of their multinational facilities and staff, Element 5 is programmed to deal with various types of currency transactions and transaction methods i.e. bank wire transfers, electronic checks, corporate PO’s, etc. And, can provide technical assistance and support by telephone or email in several different languages. (

Red Queen Software’s new Internet distribution method from Element 5 should be in service by October 1, 2001.


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