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Military Personnel find laborious task
now easy-to-do

July 12, 2001 -- Portland, OR – "Military Personnel now have an easier way to meet requirements when moving or storing their personal belongings", said Jeffrey Garchow, CEO of Red Queen Software, Inc. The military requires all personnel to submit documentation concerning content and value of all articles being moved or placed in storage. This tedious job is now made simple with Red Queen’s SAFE software. SAFE is an easy-to-use software "system" that makes the dull job of documenting your belongings expeditious.

SAFE not only creates reports that meet these requirements, but goes beyond that to provide the users with other benefits. SAFE provides proof of ownership, keeps track of items still under warranty, and provides "photo evidence" of each item’s condition. This "photo evidence" is extremely important especially if there is an insurance claim for damage to the item.

Red Queen Software recently partnered with the Eastman Kodak Company and has since had SAFE software certified KODAK Picture Friendly. The KODAK Picture Friendly logo means this software works well with KODAK PHOTONET™ online, KODAK picture CD, and KODAK Digital Cameras, and is in compliance with applicable 2002 requirements.

KODAK Picture Friendly means that SAFE users don’t necessarily have to use a digital camera to document the "photo evidence" for each item. With SAFE you can use any type of film camera including inexpensive disposable cameras to do the documentation. When the film is processed just ask for KODAK PHOTONET online and then receive your pictures electronically via the Internet. SAFE has a built-in Internet browser that will automatically launch your ISP and go directly to the KODAK PHOTONET online service so you can download the pictures immediately into SAFE. If you don’t have Internet, just ask for your pictures to be returned on a KODAK Picture CD. SAFE will easily copy and insert your photos into the SAFE program from the CD. This simple solution makes documenting your belongings complete.

SAFE was initially created to help homeowners easily meet insurance reporting requirements for items like artwork, antiques, jewelry, and collectibles—since almost all homeowner insurance policies exclude these items from normal coverage. SAFE has evolved into an easy way to keep track of other types of assets like music and video collections, family heirlooms, tools on the job site, assets in businesses and organizations, and for estate planning/probate purposes.

Military personnel that use SAFE will not only be meeting the immediate requirements for their next move or storage needs, but also be safeguarding their future. Because once you have entered your belongings into the SAFE system, you will never have to do it again.

SAFE has a MSRP of only $49.99 and is available online through our website, through catalogs, and soon to be offered by Software-to-Go at Sears, RadioShack, Office Depot, The Wiz, and other fine stores.

Please visit our website——to get a better understanding of the many uses for SAFE software.


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