For Immediate Release:

SAFE software is now
KODAK Picture Friendly!

June 25, 2001 -- Portland, OR -- Red Queen Software, Inc., announced today that it will be debuting its new KODAK Picture Friendly version of its SAFE software at the PC EXPO tradeshow this week in New York City. You can see SAFE demonstrated at the Kodak Solutions Pavilion at PC EXPO where there will be other software products and solutions featured that are integrated to work well with Kodak digital imaging products and services.

SAFE has been certified KODAK Picture Friendly and now has the right to bear the KODAK Picture Friendly logo on its packaging, in its advertising, on its web site and in the software itself. The KODAK Picture Friendly logo means this software works well with KODAK PHOTONET™ Online, KODAK Picture CD, and KODAK Digital Cameras, and is in compliance with applicable 2002 requirements. Red Queen Software, Inc., is proud to be affiliated with the Eastman Kodak Company and its family of products.

SAFE software is a general consumer product that is used to create an electronic catalog of one’s personal possessions. Use SAFE to document the things that you cherish or value -- no matter what their financial importance. SAFE is accepted for insurance reporting, estate planning and loss prevention and for a myriad of other uses. SAFE was designed for the novice computer user and offers the user the latest in technology in a simplified format.


Kodak and the KODAK Picture Friendly logo are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company.

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